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Aeroplane - We Can’t Fly (Oliver Remix)

hey guys…so it’s almost been a year since my last post…sorry about that. i kinda fell off the wagon there. good news, though, i’ve been discovering some great disco house stuff recently and thought i’d start posting some stuff on here again (!).

here’s a great remix of aeroplane’s “we can’t fly” from the prolific disco duo, ‘oliver’. more like this to come over the next few weeks!

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nudedisco.com: the latest electronic music news, mixes & tracks

check it out, it’s my new site - an RSS reader for electronic music blogs.

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best driving song or best driving song?

download: Daft Punk - Technologic (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)

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i dig it. you might need your dancing shoes for this one.

download: Bit Funk - 9 Iron

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can’t get enough of this. funky fresh.

download: Moon Boots - Off My Mind

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what a terrible blogger i’ve been! i’ll make it up to you today with a few of my favourite french/disco house tracks — hopefully you like them as much as i do.

download: Honom - Bedcat

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The second part of our French House double header. This track has been on repeat in my house for the past week; The Child by Alex Gopher, along with the rest of his album You, My Baby & I, is arguably one of the best examples of how the sampling techniques of electronic musicians during the early French house movement have influenced those of modern dance artists and DJs alike.

Download: Alex Gopher - The Child

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Sorry for the huge delay since the last post, I’ve been mad busy with school. If it’s any consolation, here are two badass French house tracks from 1999. The first is Sometimes from Les Rythmes Digitales (a.k.a. Stuart Price), the British retro-synthpop legend — a track you will probably recognize.

Download: Les Rythmes Digitales - Sometimes

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i know this is an old song but i’ve had it on repeat for the last couple of weeks — it really is the epitome of european house music.

download: axwell - nothing but love

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